Johor Food Paradise - Johor Kaki Vision

Johor Kaki's vision is for Johor to be a famous Food Paradise.


To achieve the Johor Food Paradise vision, Johor Kaki is doing five main things:


1. Create a comprehensive guide to Johor food.  Provide Johoreans and visitors looking for good Johor food with a free of charge, easy to use, truthful, reliable and complete reference to help them decide what and where to eat in Johor. The main platforms at the moment are Johor Kaki blog and Johor Kaki Facebook page. iOS and Android Apps, guide books, magazines, Bahasa Malayu and Mandarin blogs, and other media are in the pipeline. 


2. Tell the story of every good Johor hawker.  Johor Kaki aims to put every good Johor hawker on the World Wide Web. One by one, Johor Kaki will tell the story of individual Johor hawkers who worked so hard to bring us good and affordable food all these years. There is urgency to tell the stories of Johor heritage hawkers before they retire. I need help in this race against time and if you support Johor Kaki's vision, I welcome you to write about Johor's good hawkers as a guest blogger.

3. Champion young Johor hawkers and F & B entrepreneurs. The future of Johor as a famous food paradise is in the hands of a new breed of F and B entrepreneurs. Johor Kaki champions these promising young new blood who are breaking new ground and taking the Johor food scene to higher levels. This new blood also safeguards Johor's unique culinary heritage for future generations.

Johor-Food-Paradise-Johor Kaki Vision

4. Make Johor food a famous brand. Johor Kaki aims to make Johor food a famous brand by promoting uniquely Johor cuisine like Johor Laksa, Kway Teow Kia, Mee Bandung Muar, Pontian Wanton Mee, Pisang Goreng Sambal Kicap, Mee Racun and Otak Otak Muar.


5. Build communities of Johor food lovers. Johor Kaki leverages on social media to build communities of Johor food lovers such as the Johor Sedap group and Johor Yummy group. Group members actively share and discuss Johor food. Johor Kaki also reaches out to other Johor foodie groups in social media. Beyond social media, group get togethers build bonds between members sharing a common interest in Johor food.

Join us - Together we can achieve the Johor Food Paradise vision.

(Note: This is wholly a personal project. Johor Kaki has no affiliation with Tourism Malaysia Johor.)

Driven by PASSION. Powered by your SUPPORT. Keep Johor Kaki going -


21 Jun 2013

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  1. Make my stay in JB with a lot more bite. Thank you Singapore Foodie


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