Saturday, 30 June 2012

Traditional Chinese Cakes and Biscuits @ GN 满发 Food and Biscuits in Batu Pahat, Johor

GN 满发 Food and Biscuits was a lucky find. After overeating at the food stalls along Jalan Abu Bakar in Batu Pahat, we looked for a traditional Chinese cake and biscuit shop to get the customary gifts before heading home to Singapore.

GN 满发 Food and Biscuits just happened to be opposite Swee Kee tonic soups. We had never heard about GN 满发 before, so we did not set our expectations too high.

The GN 满发 shop looked ordinary enough. The retail section is at the front of the shop and the production section just behind a glass and board partition.

Applying the egg wash to give the crust that glazy sheen and golden hue.

Puncturing the dough with a pick.

Nevertheless, the finishing touches are done at the retail section, right beside the display shelves.

This large modern oven is also in front at the retail section. So we got our hot cakes and biscuits straight out of the oven J

Stepping behind, the staff were kneading the dough and making the biscuits one at a time by hand, in the old way. Each person quietly focused on their respective part of the production chain.

There was a machine humming and droning away, grinding the aromatic, freshly stir fried sesame seeds.

As we don't know yet what is good at GN 满发, we just bought a random selection to try at home and to present as gifts.

We were pleasantly surprised at the texture and taste of GN 满发 traditional Chinese biscuits. The tasty crust was flaky and among the crispiest we've tasted before. The different types of fillings were thick and generous as well as fresh, smooth and fragrant.

Lotus seed paste. Popular traditional flavour.

Traditional red bean paste. Everybody's favourite.

Kaya and red bean paste. Nice combo.

Sweet yam paste. I like.

Five kennel 五仁 paste. Not my taste but the favourite filling of many others.

The red bean paste and spicy dried shrimp paste 虾米辣 combo.
Not my favourite but others raved about its unique taste.

The next time I am in Batu Pahat, GN 满发 will be the place where I will pick up my customary gifts before heading home.

Restaurant name: GN 满发 Food and Biscuits
Address: 180, Jalan Abu Baker, Batu Pahat
GPS: 1.852745,102.927952
Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Date visited: 25 Jun 2012

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