My Yummy Blog Roll


Blogs I come back to, to learn, to appreciate, to enjoy.

Malaysian Foodie
Yummy Food Book
for the love of calories... and weighing scales
Daniel Food Dairy
PinkyPiggu Nicole Poi
Hungry Ang Mo
Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow
SG Foot on Foot
Bonding Tool Semi Han
Foodie FC
In Piscean's Heart
Yen Eat your Heart Out
Traveller Folio
Sonia Nasi Lemak Lover
The Silver Chef
The Smart Local
a hungry girl's guide to taipei
iEat iShoot iPost
Ho Chiak Peter Chong
Chef and Sommelier
My Johor Stories Peggy Loh
Cooler Insight Walter Lim
My Trips Jason Lee
Thai Street Food
Julian Eating Anita
World of Travel
Prickly Sensations
Foodwalkers Kevin Cox
For the Love of Food
Sengkang Babies

If you come across other good food and travel blogs, please recommend for me to add to my reading list :D

Thank you.

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I firmly believe that taste is subjective and so, warmly welcome differing viewpoints as it makes this blog better :-D But, I disapprove negative comments that are anonymous or hide behind fake identities. I feel that that is unethical in the same way as speaking ill of others behind their backs. I look forward to all your comments :-D Thank you. (Date: 18 Dec 2015)

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